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! Commentary on the ICSID Arbitration Rules (2011)!

Als Bestandteil der 2. Aufl. des Schütze (Hrsg.), Institutionelle Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit, ist auch mein Kommentarkapitel zu den ICSID-Schiedsregeln erschienen. Mehr über das Buch erfahren Sie hier.

! News (2009) !

Noah Rubins and I published the "Digest of ICSID Awards and Decisions 2003 - 2007" with Oxford University Press. Our book summarizes each and every award and decision (provided it has been made public or otherwise available). More details in the book's flyer. [67 KB]

It is available here at and and directly by OUP.

Here you will find some of my publications on international commercial arbitration and investment arbitration. Furthermore, I will put pertinent presentations (in pdf) online.