Several institutions offer on-line journals, e-mail newsletters, discussion groups or even podcasts (can be highly recommended). The following, non-exhaustive overview lists some pertinent examples. Do you think a certain journal etc. is missing? Send me a mail.


The Journal on World Investment & Trade (table of contents)
Transnational Dispute Management: an internet-based intelligence service with a journal, the journal's archive, bibliography, a a database of legal & regulatory materials and the Internet-based discussion list OGEMID. It deals with the management of international disputes and has a strong focus on investment disputes. It is subsciption-based and was established by the late Prof. Thomas Wälde.

E-Mail Newsletter

Investment Treaty News by the International Institute for Sustainable Development. It reports about new cases, awards and decisions in the field of investment arbitration as well as new treaties.
Investment Arbitration Reporter is a bi-weekly electronic news publication that tracks, reports, and analyzes key developments in the field of international investment law. it is edited by Luke Peterson.
TDM news alert: a news alert service by the editors of Transnational Dispute Management. Subcribers of TDM receive it automatically.
Global Arbitration Report: You can sign up for free "breaking" news e-mail alerts from Global Arbitration Review. While the journal appears monthly, the e-mail alert appears approx. weekly. However, only the headlines and the first two lines are available for free, to see the rest a subscription is required.
In Touch: Monthly newsletter of the Association for International Arbitration (Belgium).
Arbitrage - ADR: französische Mailingliste zur Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit.

Podcasts etc.

"International Dispute Negotiations" by the International institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution is an excellent podcast series moderated by Michael McIllwrath. Michael McIlwrath is Senior Counsel, Litigation for GE Infrastructure - Oil & Gas. He is based at his company's headquarters in Florence, Italy where he represents his division in disputes world-wide, including work in negotiations, mediation, and arbitration. It can be subscribed to via RSS feed (on this site as soon as I understand how that works) or via the iTunes Store.

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